Why choose an organic multivitamin

The term “organic” seems to be thrown around quite freely nowadays.

But what does organic really mean for you and your health? Is it just “marketing hype”? And why choose a certified “organic” multivitamin over a regular multivitamin?

Organic products traditionally refers to being sourced from pure, natural sources (from nature), with no synthetic preservatives or additives.

An organic multivitamin refers to an multivitamin in which the extraction of the material of the vitamin, is from seed to the supplement is natural, free of use of pesticides or herbicides.

Most vitamin companies manufacture their vitamins synthetically, producing many vitamins and minerals at mass quantities in test laboratories and manufacturing facilities. This allows them to produce large quantities at low cost, improving their profit margins. The problem with these products is, yes, they do contain the pure vitamin content that our body requires (eg: pure ascorbic acid or Vitamin C), but absorption is a problem. The body has smart mechanisms of knowing if  something is from nature or is synthetically produced, and tends to reject or not absorb as easily vitamins that are produced synthetically. This means the vitamin tends to go straight through you, leading many to refer to supplements as “expensive urine“.

With an organic multivitamin on the other hand…because of the natural, purity of its contents,  the body cannot tell the difference between the supplement and the equivalent fruits and vegetables containing those vitamins and minerals. Hence, the body will absorb the multivitamin like if would had you eaten fruit or vegetable from the ground and thus derive the full nutritional value. The other important factor of an organically sourced mutivitamin/multi-mineral is that due to organic farming process, the phytonutrient content is preserved. Phytonutrients, are plant compounds, that have been shown to be important anti-oxidants and the research into their immense benefits is only slowly begging to emerge.  Here is an example of a company that has been around for over 70 years and is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms

Although organic multivitamins are slightly more expensive than regular multivitamins, what is the price of your health and wellness?


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