Why take a Holistic Approach to Wellness

Holistic health and wellness

Our health is like a plant. Its growth and development is impacted by multiple factors. These factors form one great continuum, like the circle of life. Every aspect of our well-being is connected in some way, which means if one factor is affected, everything else is affected.

Despite this, it never ceases to amaze me that many people overlook the connection between the body, mind and spirit and the various facets which constitute our health. It can be easy to focus on one area, while overlooking others. For example, we may have great discipline and hit our goals when it comes to fitness, but then we go and underdo our work in this area by having poor lifestyle habits like smoking.

When examining our health we need to address all areas and make sure we have the right balance between the areas. We need to make sure we have covered all bases of the health continuum.

The major areas that impact our health and wellness are:

1) Nutrition

How well are you eating? Do you eat a well balanced diet filled with lots of fruit and vegetables? Do you supplement to fill the gap in your nutritional needs?

2) Water Intake 

Do you maintain proper daily hydration? What is the quality of the water you drink? Do you ensure that you drink clean purified water, which is removed of harmful contaminants like chlorine found in tap water.

2) Exercise

Do you exercise regularly? How much exercise do you do, and what is the balance between exercise types?

3) Sleep

How much sleep do you get? What is the quality of your sleep?

4)  Stress

Do you experience continued stress every day? Do you take time out each day to unwind & manage your stress levels? Do you have a the right work/life balance?

5) Our mental state and mindset

Are you happy with your life? Do you have a health self image?Are you focusing on the things you want, setting and tracking your goals, and saying daily affirmations? Are you inspired and excited about the prospects of every day?

6) Genetics 

What is your family health history? Do you need to identify & mitigate certain genetic risk factors?

7) Environment

What is your home, work and community environment like? Is the air clean? Are the people around your fit, well and healthy in their body and mindset?

8) Lifestyle habits

Do you drink alot of coffee, smoke or drink regularly? How does this make you feel? What impact will this have on your health long term?

And the list goes on.

Some of these areas are not always in our control. However, we take a  ‘holistic’, whole picture perspective when looking at our health, we stand a much better chance of achieving our pursuit of living in optimal health and having a fantastic life!


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